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Two Days of Empowering Talks
17 May 2019
18 May 2019

The Global Leadership Summit is an annual two-day leadership conference, organised globally by christian entrepreneurs, to inspire, equip and ignite transformation in leaders and influencers of any faith and like-minded in the importance and role of leadership. 
This year, learn from 10 eminent worldwide leadership speakers in videocast and two live speakers and leave with fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content. 

Everyone has influence, and leadership is influence. Are you ready to take your influence to the next level?


Benefit from this 2019 world-class

speakers from across the globe

Who we are

Why The Global Leadership Summit Exists?

The influence and impact of your faith, life, business or organisation is felt most fully when genuine leaders are at the forefront of establishing and growing well-led missions, local businesses and organizations…key reasons why The Global Leadership Summit exists.

We’re convinced that leadership is critical to business and organization vitality. The effectiveness in pursuing its mission is largely dependent on the character, devotion and skill of its leadership core—which can be formal or informal, staff or volunteer, clergy or laity.

What our country needs desperately is a new breed of unashamedly ethical leaders who make a difference. Leaders who are talented, highly skilled and equipped for their positions of power and influence.
We need to pour more resources and energy behind developing the next generation of leaders.

We must build the nation by building leaders!

That’s what the vision and mission of the GLS is. Its heart is leadership development at an incredibly high level.









Vidia Mooneegan


"Great like-minded people gathering for a common cause. That is: How to use leadership to make the world a better place. There's a lot of learning and it's a great opportunity to get what those great speakers shared and I think us in Mauritius having these ideas, we can talk to each other how we can go beyond what we have achieved so far."


Geneviève Gellé


The Global Leadership Summit 2018 has been an amazing experience in realizing that everything starts with us.

It has been a time  for me and my team to reflect on our lives, on what we need to change before we change others or help others get to their better potential.

Noor Hotee



“The 2018 GLS was a first for me and it allowed me to reflect on what great leadership is all about – unselfishness, humility, listening to others, and most important of all, respecting others. 

The talks from many experienced professionals were really fascinating and allowed me to step back and think how I ought to behave so that others can draw inspiration, grow and feel valued.I look forward to the 2019 GLS.”



Frequently asked questions

How are you different then other neuropathy providers?

Our process was created by our founder Dr. Bao Thai DC. He has traveled the world to learn and research about new technologies in healing. Using his knowledge of neurology, clinical research, and learning from doctors around the world he was able to create a process that has helped thousands of people with neuropathy. We are the only clinic that has this knowledge and technology which is evident in our happy patients.

Will the medicine my doctor has given me cure my neuropathy?

Medications that are prescribed for neuropathy patients are are what we call neuro inhibitors. These medications are only designed to help you not feel the pain or issues with your neuropathy. It is making your brain forget that the problem is there momentarily. So the medications cannot cure the neuropathy.

Why does my doctor not know about your process?

Your doctors main focus is to help you get by. Many of our patients have been told by their doctor that nothing can be done for their neuropathy. Unfortunately most doctors only have 2 treatment options. One is medications. Which we know their is no medication designed to repair a nerve. The other is surgery. We also know that their is no surgery that can repair a nerve. It is too delicate and complicated for that too happen. In most cases, doctors have told the patient that hopefully in time your nerves may grow back. Dr. Thai has used that principle and has created a process that accelerates the bodies ability to repair that nerve. That is why his process continues to work when all others fail.

How do I know that this process will work for me?

Unfortunately, 1 out of 3 potential patients we see do not qualify for treatment. Their neuropathy has progressed beyond repair. The only way to find out if anything can be done is to for team to evaluate and test your condition.

When will I feel a change?

We have had success with a wide range of neuropathy cases. We have seen diabetics, chemo driven neuropathy, post surgical complications, idiopathic, medication side effect driven, circulatory related, toxic exposure, and many more. Since there are so many causes everyone's result and time tables are different.

What successes have you seen?

Our patients have seen the following changes: - decrease in numbness - increase in sensation - dcrease or elimination of pain - increase balance - increase strength - improved sleep - overall health improvement - independence

Does insurance or medicare cover your services?

Insurance and medicare does not cover our services. Unfortunately our process is way ahead of it's time. It is a lot like lasik when it was in it's earlier days. Right now insurance companies will pay for medications which we know will not help nerves heal. They will cover surgery, which has not worked for millions of americans. Also they will cover electrical stimulation and injections. Both of which has a very low percentage in actually healing a nerve. Nerve repair is a very complicated, time sensitive, and involving process. If you are relying or waiting on insurance companies or medicare to cover, your neuropathy will progress beyond the point where it can be treated.

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