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In 2020, the Summit will be broadcast across Southern Africa ONLINE in October & November – direct to your home or workplace, on any device. 

Despite Covid-19 we didn’t want you to miss out on your annual injection of leadership development!

You’ve lead through nine of the most challenging months in over 60 years! 


Feeling ZOOMED OUT? It’s time to pause and breathe!

Join us at the ONLINE GLS to refresh, refocus and recharge to finish 2020 strongly.

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Benefit from this 2020 world-class

speakers from across the globe

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel

Founder & Senior Pastor Life Church Best-Selling Author Champion of the GLS

Amy Edmondson

Amy Edmondson

Navartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School; Author



Brazilian Retired Soccer Phenomenon FIFA World Player of the Year

Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham

Best-Selling Author Global Researcher Strengths Revolutionist

Albert Tate

Albert Tate

Founder & Senior Pastor Fellowship Church

Dr. Tomas Chamorro Premuzic

Dr. Tomas Chamorro Premuzic

Psychologist Talent Scientist Author Entrepreneur

Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards

Best Selling Author Lead Behavioral Investigator with Science of People

Michael Todd

Michael Todd

Co-Lead Pastor Transformation Church Author Social Media Influencer

Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst

President of Proverbs 31 Ministries Best Selling Author

Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden

Co-Founder of Brand Builders Group Hall of Fame Speaker Best-Selling Author

Beth Comstock

Beth Comstock

Director at Nike Author Led innovation at GE & NBC 20 Most Influential Communicators

T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes

Senior Pastor The Potter's House Visionary and Entrpreneur Best-Selling Author

Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson

Best-Selling Author Social Media Influencer


Who we are

Why The Global Leadership Summit Exists?

The influence and impact of your faith, life, business or organisation is felt most fully when genuine leaders are at the forefront of establishing and growing well-led missions, local businesses and organizations…key reasons why The Global Leadership Summit exists.

We’re convinced that leadership is critical to business and organization vitality. The effectiveness in pursuing its mission is largely dependent on the character, devotion and skill of its leadership core—which can be formal or informal, staff or volunteer, clergy or laity.

What our country needs desperately is a new breed of unashamedly ethical leaders who make a difference. Leaders who are talented, highly skilled and equipped for their positions of power and influence.
We need to pour more resources and energy behind developing the next generation of leaders.

We must build the nation by building leaders!

That’s what the vision and mission of the GLS is. Its heart is leadership development at an incredibly high level.

Vidia Mooneegan


"Great like-minded people gathering for a common cause. That is: How to use leadership to make the world a better place. There's a lot of learning and it's a great opportunity to get what those great speakers shared and I think us in Mauritius having these ideas, we can talk to each other how we can go beyond what we have achieved so far."


Geneviève Gellé


The Global Leadership Summit 2018 has been an amazing experience in realizing that everything starts with us.

It has been a time  for me and my team to reflect on our lives, on what we need to change before we change others or help others get to their better potential.

Noor Hotee



“The 2018 GLS was a first for me and it allowed me to reflect on what great leadership is all about – unselfishness, humility, listening to others, and most important of all, respecting others. 

The talks from many experienced professionals were really fascinating and allowed me to step back and think how I ought to behave so that others can draw inspiration, grow and feel valued.I look forward to the 2019 GLS.”


Frequently asked questions

When will the summit be held in Mauritius?

The Global Leadership Summit 2020 will be held online.

How can I register?

By simply clicking onto the 'BOOK NOW' button found on the homepage. This will lead you to our registration page where in only a few clicks you will be able to confirm your registration and checkout. NOTE: You will only get a valid ticket once your payment has been credited and marked as paid. Your ticket will be sent to you via email.

How much does it cost to attend this summit?

If you are booking before the 15th October, you will benefit from the Early Bird rate of Rs 1700 per participant. If you are booking after the 15th October, you will purchase your ticket at the price of Rs 2000 per participant.

What is the payment method?

You can pay either by:

1. Direct transfer or JUICE on our MCB bank account n. 000 446 348 902;
2. or cash with one of the representatives of the summit.

In all cases, your payment should always be accompanied by your full name, your telephone number and email address.

Who are the organisers ?

The Global Leadership Summit Mauritius' team is composed of like-minded Christians who are local businessmen, leaders and influencers in their respective business, community and society . They all come from various backgrounds yet all believe in genuine Leadership as a solid ground and hope for today's and tomorrow's future. Their initiative is to make The Global Leadership Summit beneficial to as many people as possible, anyone interested in leadership at the highest level, irrespective of religious or other backgrounds.. We are a non-profit collective.

What is the Global Leadership Summit?

The Global Leadership Summit, founded by the Willow Creek Association in 1992, is a two-day event that is telecast LIVE from Willow's campus near Chicago every August to more than 600+ locations in North America. Throughout the year, Summit events take place in an additional 128 countries—translated into 60 languages. The summit was held for the first time in Mauritius on 6th and 7th August 2020, on the initiative of a group of mauritian leaders who are convinced that leadership is critical to business and organization vitality. What our country needs desperately is a new breed of unashamedly ethical leaders who make a difference. Leaders who are talented, highly skilled and equipped for their positions of power and influence.

Is it a religious organization?

At its founding era is the Willow Creek Association, who created The Global Leadership Summit so as to meet the need of today's leaders so that they may be equipped and impact their church, business and community.The Global Leadership Summit is for anyone interested into Leadership.

What if I cannot attend? Is there a cancellation policy?

We understand that circumstances can prevent one participant from attending at the last minute and looking for a refund. However, since we are a not-for-profit collective organising GLS in Mauritius and need to ensure bulk catering and other facilities are secured in advance, we cannot provide any refund or cancellation after purchase. However, the ticket is transferable and we would encourage anyone with inability to attend the summit to transfer their ticket to someone else. Kindly contact us so that we give you a quick and simple way to transfer your paid ticket onto someone else. Contact us on:

Who should attend the summit?

Broadly speaking, anyone who has leadership potential and anyone who is in a leadership role at home or work should attend GLS. It is open for people of any faith but who are like-minded in the importance and role of Leadership. In short: anyone who is interested in having an impact through their leadership and is willing to learn from other leaders at the highest level.

The Global

Leadership Summit


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